Serving the Lower Mainland since 2006; contact Arthur at 778-321-1706 or Carol at ph/fax 604-526-1809.

Municipality of Vancouver

In accordance with the BC fire code and local by-laws A Speedy Solutions will:

  • Acquire necessary permits
  • Notify underground utilities for maps
  • Remove overburden materials covering the UST-to gain access
  • Excavte down to, remove, clean and dispose of UST
  • Have Vancouver Fire Prevention Officer view site
  • Examine surrounding soil for signs of contamination
  • Backfill excavation are with clean granular fill
  • Cap excavation
  • Issue a report to the Vancouver Fire Department
  • Issue report with copy of permit, disposal receipts for tank and contents, photos, statement of uncontaminated site and clean fill
A Speedy Solutions Oil Tank Removal Inc.